About The Monopoly Lifesized Experience

The Experience

What Is Monopoly Lifesized?

Complete challenges, build houses, charge rent, escape jail and even control London’s waterworks as you travel around the lifesized board earning as much money as you can by completing escape room style challenges.

There are 4 exciting Monopoly Lifesized boards to choose from when you book your tickets. The gameplay on each board works in exactly the same way (no extra rules to learn!) but the themes and challenges differ giving you the chance to come back and compete again.

Luxury Board

See behind the scenes of Mr Monopoly’s bank and get a taste of the finer things in life. You may not always be on the receiving end – perhaps you’re working in the Monopoly Starred Kitchen in Bow Street, or trying to talk your way into First Class at Waterloo – but sometimes you’ll be bidding for art from the auction house on Bond Street, or winning big at the casinos of Coventry Street.

Classic Board

If you roll right, you’ll get the chance to dance the night away on the Strand, perform in the orchestra of a musical at the theatre on Tottenham Court Road, or even get to grips with the teddies at the toy shop on Regents Street. Shadows cast from street lighting and neon signs across an unmistakable skyline, the City Board will give you an exhilarating night time adventure while you snap up some of London’s most iconic city streets.

City Board

Perhaps you’ll get an opportunity to ring the bells on Whitechapel Road, solve a newspaper crossword on Fleet Street, or crack the enigma codes in Whitehall? With recognisable motifs such as property deed cards acting as the entrances to the challenge rooms and houses and hotels donning the walls, the classic board offers the closest experience to stepping onto the Monopoly board itself.

Classic – Own It All Board

Take on riddles in Downing Street, puzzles in Brick Lane and even attempt to ‘whack-a-mole’ with Mr. Monopoly’s money sacks in High Holborn to win big. Remember not to trigger the alarms as you attempt to steal artwork in Knightsbridge! Are you quick enough to beat your teammates and finally, Own It All?

Now Play The Game

Once you arrive at our spectacular venue, the friendly team of staff will welcome you by scanning your tickets and checking you into your game. You’ll then be taken to our gameplay briefing room where your Monopoly Lifesized experience will begin!

Say Hello to Mr. Monopoly: Get greeted by the iconic Mr. Monopoly himself—he’s excited to welcome you!

Team Up for Adventure: Join forces with your new team (up to 6 members) and eye those playful rivals across 4 teams.

Meet Your Magical Token: Every team gets a special token guide—yours will lead the way through every twist and turn!

Quick Rules Rundown: Mr. Monopoly will share all you need to know with a fun and easy briefing. No board game headaches here!

Board Game Come to Life: Prepare to step into a larger-than-life board upstairs, where your thrilling game awaits!

Countdown Excitement: Feel the buzz as the countdown brings you closer to game time. Take a moment to marvel at the life-sized game board you’re stepping onto!

Game On!: The moment the countdown hits zero, the adventure begins. Roll the die and let the fun moves start.

Buying Property – With a Twist!: Eyeing an unowned property? Time to jump through some playful hoops! Enter the property’s challenge room with your teammates and take on a quick, quirky task. Success means the property is yours; if not, watch out for the auction!

Watch and Cheer: Not your turn? No worries! Draw a Chance Card and strategise. From picking a Community Chest Card to managing your empire or even building a house—make your move wisely.

Be a Savvy Mogul: Use your properties and cards with smarts to rake in the cash. Remember, it’s all about the strategy!

Special Properties, Special Powers: Control the city’s essentials with Utility squares, or make rivals pay at your Train Stations. Bonus: You travel for free!

Jail Time? No, Thanks!: Avoid landing in Jail at all costs. If you do find yourself behind bars, it’s time to plot your escape and skip the bail.

Thrilling Ride: Buckle up for 80 minutes of non-stop fun, filled with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride!

Champion Crowned: As the dust settles, the ultimate champion emerges! Bask in your well-deserved glory and enjoy the cheers from friends and rivals alike.

Victory Celebrations: With the game behind you, it’s time to head back to the restaurant. Treat yourself to some delicious refreshments—you’ve earned it!


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