What is Monopoly Lifesized?

Monopoly Lifesized is a phsyical, immersive edition of the world's favourite board game. 

Each 80-minute game is played on a 15m x 15m board, featuring 8 Properties, 2 Utility Companies, 2 Train Stations, Jail, Free Parking, Go, and Just Visiting. Each board can host between 8 and 24 people split into 4 teams, all playing against each other. Each team will have their own personal Monopoly Token –, Scottie Dog, Boot, Racing Car, etc. – leading them around the game, taking scores, and giving hints where required. Each property square will have a full-sized location specific room behind it that players enter to participate in a challenge to ‘acquire’ that particular property. The challenges will be a mixture of physical and mental puzzles and games that will test players’ skills and lateral thinking, and will be themed appropriately for the square, featuring either some historical or current day relationship with that part of London.

Our attraction is an interactive, immersive experience that uses a range of effects throughout. This includes, loud music / noises, flashing lights, timed-rounds, group participation and intimate spaces.