Competitive Cocktail Masterclass

Step inside a very special, very secret bar hidden within one of London’s most iconic experiences on Tottenham Court Road and challenge friends, colleagues and family to The Competitive Cocktail Masterclass at The Mayfair Bar.
Throughout January we will be offering our Dry Jan Competitive Cocktail Masterclass too!

Guests can now book The Mayfair Bar in groups of 8-20 for the ridiculously fun Competitive Cocktail Masterclass where teams compete against each other (light-heartedly or otherwise) and the clock to create delicious cocktails. An expert bartender will oversee the proceedings and judge each contestant on their creativity, skill, speed, memory and ability to keep calm under pressure. All are required to deliver a perfect score of 10.

Ideal for groups who enjoy a dose of healthy competition with their day or evening out, the Competitive Cocktail Masterclass is a fantastic team building opportunity as well as the perfect activity for birthday parties, stag and hen parties or any special life events. Plus, competitors are guaranteed to acquire valuable tips and tricks to enhance their mixology skills.

The Competitive Cocktail Masterclass is an exhilarating new addition to London’s competitive socialising scene for those looking for something different. With an appreciation for delicious drinks and the excitement of competition, this experience offers a distinctive thrill.

Our Dry Competitive Cocktail Masterclass is now available throughout January!

It’s an exciting new addition to London’s competitive socialising scene for those who are looking for something a bit different, appreciate a delicious drink and the thrill of competition.



For those of you who are looking to book in smaller groups, every Saturday at 2pm The Mayfair Bar hosts a Consumer Cocktail Masterclass that anyone can buy tickets to and compete amongst other keen individuals. To book this experience follow the link below!